Fan Modules

Fan modules serve as valuable upgrade accessories for both new and existing ambient air heated vaporizers, offering enhancements across various operational and performance aspects. These modules play a pivotal role in dissipating fog that may accumulate at the bottom of the vaporizers, thereby improving visibility and overall operational efficiency. Additionally, they contribute to optimizing outlet temperatures and defrosting, ensuring consistent and precise vaporization processes. Moreover, fan modules have the capability to boost vaporizer capacity by facilitating enhanced airflow over the heating elements. This increased airflow promotes more efficient heat transfer, resulting in higher throughput and improved overall performance. By integrating fan modules into ambient air heated vaporizer systems, industries can benefit from improved operational reliability, extended service life, and enhanced productivity. Whether as an upgrade for existing setups or as a feature in new installations, fan modules represent a valuable investment in optimizing vaporization processes and achieving optimal performance levels.  

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Cryonorm Sub-Frames


The Cryonorm standard range sub-frames play a crucial role in facilitating optimal dispersion and dissipation of fog and cold air downdrafts during operation of an ambient air heated vaporizer. Maintaining adequate clearance from the ground and surrounding obstacles is essential to ensure unimpeded airflow. Common obstructions such as adjacent vaporizers, walls and tanks can hinder airflow, resulting in slower dissipation and reduced air circulation, which in turn affects discharge temperatures and runtime. Despite challenges posed by site constraints, elevating vaporizers with a sub frame helps mitigate these issues by providing proper clearance for airflow. This elevation facilitates efficient dispersion and mixing of fog, thereby enhancing the vaporization process. Ultimately, the sub-frames are instrumental in enabling effective downdraft dispersal, which is critical for achieving optimal vaporizer performance.

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